• Marca Mystic
  • Modelo Drip
  • Tipo de arnés De cintura
  • Género Sin género

Descripción del producto

Mystic Waist Harness

Anatomical backplate
3D contoured neoprene interior
Soft neoprene edges
Non-slip print
HP system included
Multi hook | clickerbar 3.0 | 2 point fixation
Spreader down system
Spreaderbar protector
Battle belt waist closure
Soft neoprene edge: For maximum movement and comfort

Spreader Down System: Locks the spreaderbar down, giving you more control while performing your manoeuvres and also protecting your chest in those unexpected crashes! The new system on the Majestic harness is integreated into the clicker bar so that you release the harness in one click, no more feeding the thin webbing through the cleat.

3D contoured neoprene interior: The anatomical preformed nylon back support is positioned inside the back panel of the harness and gives a contoured shape in horizontal and vertical directions.

Anatomical Back Support: Combing the advantages of thermo molding and neoprene, the mould is fitted with bending lines to let the harness adapt to the continuous altering of the human body.

Double Power Leash ring: Gives you the ability to split the force on the leash rings in half while the ring itself secured to the strongest part of the harness.

Battle Belt Waist Closure – Secured on the frame inside the harness, the stretchy velcro belt ensures a continuous snug fit can be maintained irrespective of the altering dynamics of the body. The velcro is positioned to avoid damage to wetsuits, lycra or skin.

Spreaderbar protector – The pad reduces pressure on the chest and stomach and helps prevent injury

Low Torque speader bar – Multi sport hook for use kitesurfing or windsurfing with low torque fixation angle, reducing lifting up of the bar.

Quick release Clickerbar 3.0: 100% Safe and super easy to use, put on or release your Mystic Majestic harness in one simple click

Included Handle Pass System: Handle Pass System with a PU tube that can be removed if wanted, simply unclip the carabiner and feed the system through the loop at the other end.

Non slip print – wraps around your body and grips even when riding toeside

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Arnes De Kitesurf Mystic Drip Waist Harness Kite Windsurf

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